“My soul shattered like an empty vase.

It fell irretrievably down the stairs.

If fell from the hands of the careless maid.

It fell, breaking into more pieces than there was china in the vase.




The great staircase stretches out, carpeted with stars.

A shard gleams, shiny side up, among the heavenly bodies.

My work? My primary soul? My life?

A shard.

And the gods stare at it, intrigued, not knowing why it’s there.”


From Note by Álvaro de Campo/Fernando Pessao


Like Pessao’s Note on the shattering of vases, Songes and Sparrows attempts to piece the scattering of human communication through ink (Songes) and foil (Sparrows and Meringues).

Najeebah Al-Ghadban begins by collecting figures in dance which she then abstracts with black ink. The ink redacts the figures until a statue of still-emotion stands–bearing monument to excerpts from poems, written and gilded in Turkish by E S Kibele YarmanThrough these excerpts, Kibele divulges the internal discordance—the quiet uprising that results from separation, isolation, and solitude. Her calligraphic foil pushes the legibility of text and image to add urgency as a result of this absence.

And together, both artists and mediums, search to find what has remained and what has vanished from the breaking.